It’s time for Meet the Staff Monday! This week, let’s meet L.A. Richard, Paradigm’s Senior Property Accountant.

“How long have you been at Paradigm?”

“Six and a half years. Most of my career has been in commercial real estate.”

“What do you like most about working at the company?”

“This is a company that has a great team environment. There’s a cohesiveness. People are treated fairly, treated well, and respected and the company allows some flexibility in terms of schedules and personal things in life.”

“Who is your go-to person to get things done at Paradigm?”

“One of the people I go to is Kelly actually. If I need something that is outside of my department, Kelly is my go-to. She is also my backup IT person.”

“How do you get to work each day?”

“Commuter rail and car.”

“How is the use of office space changing and how is the commercial real estate market adapting to or affecting this change?”

“Office space is changing. It’s always moving from the corporate structure to enclosed space and it’s going to a much more open concept, which I think is a hard change for some people. Some people are used to that old style, and so getting accustomed to the new environment can be a challenge. I think commercial real estate is getting there. I don’t know if commercial real estate is leading the crusade. I think that the industry is adapting to this change, and trying to figure out how to present space that accommodates different types of businesses.”

“What are your favorite things to do outside of work?”

“I play golf and I bike.”