This Monday, let’s get to know Marianella Grieco, Paradigm’s Portfolio Controller.

How long have you been at Paradigm?

“13 years.”

What do you like most about working at the company?

“The flexibility. It’s important that my schedule is flexible because I have a 7 year-old.”

Who is your go-to person to get things done at Paradigm?

“Everyone in my team. That’s Filomena, L.A., and Jamie.”

How do you get to work each day?

“I live in Natick, so I take the commuter rail.”

What are your thoughts on how the commercial real estate market is changing the way office
space is used?

“It has changed a lot over 13 years. Back then, the computer companies were driving how office
space was used. People started to work part time from home and the office configuration also
changed. I think that Paradigm will to adapt to it, as we are with 101 Tremont and Concord

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

“I like to spend time with my little one who just learned how to ride a bike, so we bike a lot