For this week’s Meet the Staff Monday, let’s meet Virginia Rey, Paradigm’s Senior Property Manager.

How long have you been at Paradigm?

“About 14½ years. A long time!”

What do you like most about working at the company?

“The fact that every day is different. I love that I learn new things on a daily basis. There’s just no monotony here. It’s exciting to come to work every day, and there’s a reason why I’ve been here so long: I genuinely love to come to work each day.”

Who is your go-to person to get things done at Paradigm?

“That’s a tough question. For the most part we do everything on our own in a very collaborative way as a department or property team. But if I have a specific need, I always have someone I can turn to. If it’s a leasing question, I’ll go to John. If I need something marketing related, I’ll go to Kelly.

How do you get to work each day?

“I either take the commuter rail or I drive. In the summer I like to drive.

What are your thoughts on how the commercial real estate market is changing the way office space is used or vice versa?

“The commercial real estate market has changed so much recently. You went from people wanting their own separate office to a big push to work in a collaborative environment. I think that the younger workforce wants to be in a more collaborative and connected space. As a result, the real estate industry is starting to implement new building designs and marketing tactics to make our products more appealing and useful to the new demands of the workforce.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

“I honestly love just spending time with my family. I have four and six year old boys, and I love hanging out with them. I work a lot during the week so that any free time I have I spend it with them. They’re awesome!