For this week’s Meet the Staff Monday, let’s meet Howard Clark, Paradigm’s Vice President of Project Management.

How long have you been at Paradigm?

“I started on May 14th, so I’m, ‘new’ as new can be.”

What do you like most about working at the company?

“As the VP of Project Management, I’m enjoying how integrated construction activities are to the heart of the Paradigm business model.  At my last company, construction and development work was a second priority to the company’s retail mission.”

Who is your go-to person to get things done at Paradigm?

“….just about everyone!  John Caldwell brought me into the company and helps me navigate an overflowing bag of potential priorities, but I’m very grateful for the ongoing orientation from Virginia Rey (Senior Property Manager), Alexa Stevens (Property Manager), and L.A Richard (Senior Property Accountant).….  I can list about everybody here.”

How do you get to work each day?

“As I commute in from Hopkinton I find a car to be (sadly) the most efficient mode for me.  I know I should use commuter rail more, I even have a 10-ride pass in my wallet, but the come-and-go flexibility of a car on long work days is the way for me at this time.”

What are your thoughts on how the commercial real estate market is changing the way office space is used or vice versa?

“I’ve been around long enough to see the market ebb and flow away from and then back to urban centers like Boston.  Everybody likes and expects to be comfortable (safe) in their workplace, but now the concept of “community” is so strong, urban renewal is so much better for our environment and there’s also safety in numbers of shared, community values, that firms seem to be finding and retaining the best parts of their workforces in dense urban areas re-saturated with youthful energy and social spirit.”

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

“I like to run, bike, and swim.  I try to compete in one Olympic distance triathlon a month through the summer.  My wife, Ann, and I are remodeling our house this summer, too.  Our kids are both through college and into their own careers, but we’ve not had any problem filling up our weeknights and weekends with priorities and urgencies non-work related to balance those of our busy careers.”