The Paradigm Team


Michael Batista

Property Manager

Direct: 860-275-6664


Personal Traits: Creative, Conscientious.

What I do: Work with engineering, cleaning, and security to facilitate day- to- day operations while maintaining a focus on client service.  Participate in accounting processes with other members of the management team.  Brainstorm and design building signage.

Who am I:  A proud dad. Published comic book illustrator. Coffee and beer snob.

Jennifer Boyd

Property Manager

Direct: (614) 882-4142 x16


Personal Traits: Outgoing, Kind, Loyal, Dedicated, Detailed.

What I do: Direct overall daily operations and management of numerous commerical office buildings, a retail shopping center, and a medical office facility, within the Columbus, Ohio downtown and suburban areas. Client satisfaction, lease administration, service provider coordination, and financial reporting are a few keynotes to my dedication of service.

Who am I: Loving mother of two daughters and grandmother of three granddaughters and one grandson, a caring friend and coworker, and somone who loves to meet new people.

Mary Brown

Property Manager

Direct: (614) 882-4142 x12

Personal Traits: Dependable, Problem Solver, Personable Communicator.

What I do: Direct daily operations for a portfolio of 9 office buildings in the greater Columbus area. Dedicated to satisfying and exceeding the needs of both internal and external clients.

Who am I: Life-long real estate background. Wife and proud mom of four exceptional kids. I enjoy music, singing, traveling, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, cooking and entertaining for my friends and family. National Federation of the Blind volunteer.

John Caldwell


Direct: 617-933-8250


Personal Traits: Motivator, Negotiator, Converter of visions to tasks.

What I do: Fill buildings and keep them full! Provide asset management, brokerage, leasing and marketing management, leadership and team member career counseling, identify and underwrite new investments.  Pursue good design in all building improvements and obsess about client relationships.

Who am I: ENTJ.  Veteran in leading commercial real estate brokers and property management firms.  Devoted to early education, spiritual education, and church.   Razor scooter rider.  Office prankster.

Kate Carpenter

Senior Property Accountant



Personal Traits: Detail-oriented, Organized, Reliable, Loyal.

What I do: Financial reporting, financial reporting review, payments review and approval, annual budgets, annual opex/tax escalations.

Who am I: World traveler, lover of all animals, city dweller, lifetime learner, Minnesota-native.

Howard E. Clark

Vice President of Project Management

Direct: 617-933-8232


Personal Traits: A ‘peace maker’ and ‘cool head’ in the construction process. A winning combo: strategic thinker + personable communicator.

What I do: Assure project value by keeping process efficient and by noticing the details. Manage large capital projects for Paradigm.

Who am I: A family man inspired by the active outdoors with an interest in bugs, reptiles, and their exotic ecosystems.

Amaniya Cotten

Executive Leasing Assistant & Office Manager

Direct: 617.933.8236


Personal Traits: Optimistic, Efficient, and Adaptable.

What I do: I assist with brokerage, leasing, and marketing. Manages overall office related operations.

Who am I: Foodie (a picky one). Loves to travel and music enthusiast.

Aaron Dorsch

Vice President/Regional Manager

Direct: 614-882-4142 x11


Personal Traits: Team builder, Analytical, Loyal, Consistent.

What I do: Direct daily operations at Ohio office.  Strive to provide best in class service.  Improve process efficiency.  Coach.

Who am I: Sports and music enthusiast. Competitive.  Beach Bum.

Selvana Gerges

Assistant Property Manager

Direct: 617-519-6953


Personal Traits: Detailed-oriented, Organized, Team player.

What I do: Manage the day-to-day operations for our client at Excel Academy, and Riverworks while focusing on the client relationship.

Who am I: Mother to two beautiful babies, love to travel, and warm weather.

Marianella Grieco

Senior Vice President of Accounting & Administration

Direct: 617-933-8285


Personal Traits: Consistent, Caring, Concise.

What I do: Oversee the accounting, finance, and human resources functions of both companies and I am responsible for the accounting and financial reporting activities of Paradigm Capital Advisors’ investment funds.

Who am I: Mother to an amazing little girl. I enjoy traveling, warm weather, the beach, family time, and bike riding.

Cindy Huveldt

Vice President/General Manager

Direct: 860-275-6661


Personal Traits: Dedicated, Goal-oriented, Planner.

What I do: Take a Client focused approach to managing Hartford’s premier Class A office building known as Cityplace I.  Provide strategic and operational direction to staff, contractors, and vendors while managing various capital projects.

Who am I: Baker and cook with knack for event planning.  Early riser.

Shaka Lattin-Emmanuel

Assistant Vice President/HR Generalist

Direct: 617-933-8222


Personal Traits: Dependable, Multitask-er, Organized.

What I do: I Manage HR and IT operations. I also assist with policy implementation, office management and invoice approval.

Who am I: Loving wife. I enjoy reading, traveling, and going to the beach.

Kevin McCall

Chief Executive Officer

Direct: 617-933-8230


Personal Traits: Strategic thinker, Organizer, Leader.

What I do: Provide leadership and oversee both Paradigm Properties and Paradigm Capital Advisors with particular emphasis on strategy, client relations, new investments, asset and portfolio management, and raising capital.

Who am I: INTJ, veteran in real estate operations and investing, deeply committed to education equity, community involvement, and social justice work, founder of Building Impact, lacrosse-aholic, and recovering Diet Coke drinker.

Jessica McGuinn

Assistant Vice President of Property Management

Direct: (617) 933-8240


Personal Traits: Highly motivated, Enthusiastic, Detailed-oriented.

What I do: Manage daily operations for numerous Paradigm assets, including vendor management and fulfilling client request. I also help by leading our Client Service Liaison team to help curate exceptional Client experience within Paradigm-managed buildings, in addition to supporting office management at our headquarters.

Who am I: Virginia-native. Food & beverage enthusiast. Adventure-seeker.

Jennifer Mendenhall

General Manager

Direct: 860-275-6653


Personal Traits: Organized, Dependable, Down-to-Earth.

What I do: Direct daily operations and management for a Class A asset in Downtown Hartford known as Cityplace I, while working with clients to solve problems and fulfill requests.  In addition, I provide administration oversight of budgets, contracts, vendors and contractors.

Who am I: Nature Lover. Amazon Devotee. Chocolate Cookie Enthusiast.

Filomena Muthu

Property Accountant

Direct: 617-933-8243


Personal Traits: Dependable, Orderly.

What I do: Prepare monthly financial reports and budgets and manage accounts receivable.

Who am I: Long-time Paradigmer. Devoted mother. Bus rider. Walking Dead fanatic.

Izabel Novaes

Accounts Payable Specialist

Direct: 617-933-8291


Personal Traits: Energetic, Proactive, Caring and Reliable.

What I do: Provide overall support to the accounting department by coordinating and executing the accounts payable cycle for all buildings, entities, clients and vendors.

Who am I: Brazilian born and raised. Dog and coffee lover. World traveler. Music enthusiast.

Scott Olsen

Vice President of Engineering

Direct: 617-981-0067


Personal Traits: Diligent, Detailed, Determined.

What I do: Direct the 24/7 support provided by the Building Engineering Group responsible for the proper function, maintenance, and continual operation of all Paradigm held or managed assets. I also provide additional team assistance in proposal development, project supervision, design/construction assessment and contractor direction.

Who am I: Car, boat, and motorcycle enthusiast. Scuba dive master. Burrito lover.

Joshua Ramsdell

Senior Property Accountant

Direct: 617-933-8249


Personal Traits: Hard working, Dependable, and  Adaptable.

What I do: Financial Reporting, Annual Budgets, Client Cash, Receipts, and client CAM and real estate tax escalations.

Who am I: A sports enthusiasts, a Dad to 3 boys who spends all his time on a different sports field most weekends. As well as a High School and College Basketball.

Virginia Rey

Vice President of Property Management

Direct: 617-933-8237


Personal Traits: Operation and task management with a ‘get it done’ attitude. Fluent in Spanish.

What I do: Direct daily operations and management for numerous properties within the company’s portfolio. In addition, I manage client-related construction projects and property renovations, while overseeing the property management staff and vendor services.

Who am I: Life’s consummate juggler. Company glue. Wife, and mom of two extremely energetic boys.

Catrina Rosset

Property Accountant

Direct: 617-933-8238


Personal Traits:  Highly motivated, Enthusiastic, Reliable, Organized.

What I do: Coordinate and implement the accounts payable cycle for all buildings, entities, clients, and vendors while providing overall support to the accounting department.

Who am I: Canadian raised. World traveler. Concert lover and wine enthusiast.

Noah Sparkman

Assistant Vice President – Acquisitions & Development

Direct: 860-575-3675


Personal Traits: Goal Driven, Team Oriented. Passionate.

What I do: Manage and source acquisition and development opportunities; oversee the disposition and financing of portfolio assets; identify and maximize value in new and existing investments.

Who am I: Rower, Skier, and Triathlete. Boutique Hotel Enthusiast.

Laura Sweet

Client Service Manager

Direct: 617-413-8364


Personal Traits: Inquisitive, Tenacious, Creative.

What I do: Community connector, client amenity promoter, fun events planner, color coded spreadsheet creator, solution provider, and idea materializer for Middlesex Green and Roland Street. I also assist with the daily operations at these properties, supporting the rest of the Paradigm team however I can.

Who am I: Incurable bike rider, hiker and former inhabitant of the White Mountains, 35mm photographer, shucker of oysters, proud dual citizen.