Paradigm Capital Advisors

We know our risk profile and prudently adhere to it.

Our Objective:

Achieve or exceed target returns at a level of risk consistent with our investor’s expectations.

Our Approach:

Proactively link daily asset and investment strategies while fostering client relationships built on an alignment of interests and a foundation of trust.

The Paradigm Perspective

We are value-add investors who constantly assess the marketplace for asset and market-based inefficiencies that we can take advantage of to gain incremental return without taking on additional risk.

Investment Funds

Targeted Discretionary Commingled Funds
Separate Accounts
One-off Opportunities


Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Mid-West


Office, Warehouse, Flex, Industrial, Self-Storage

Conservative. Creative. Controlled.


Key Values in Our Approach

  • High emphasis on the preservation of capital.
  • Know and adhere to our risk profile.
  • Pro-actively manage downside risk.
  • Enhance upside potential of our investments through seasoned underwriting expertise and meticulous underwriting practices.
  • Seek investment returns that are positively disproportionate to the market’s perception of the risk taken.
  • Utilize capital markets and operational expertise to exploit idiosyncratic inefficiencies and add value to investments.
  • Draw upon our deep structuring expertise to determine the best risk reward scenario in the capitalization of any asset position (e.g. In the form of fee simple ownership, preferred equity, senior debt, mezzanine debt and/or leaseholds, in either controlling or non-controlling interests.)
  • Build portfolios defensively, cautiously factoring in potential downside risks.
  • Learn and understand from past market conditions and experiences to utilize that knowledge in future investing scenario