The Paradigm Advantage




Our value proposition is simple- we are a values-driven company of experienced investor operators who focus our expertise intently on a small portfolio of real estate assets.



We constantly strive to break out of traditional industry thinking in order to improve the way we staff our buildings. Moving from the “provider of space” to the “provider of services,” we staff our buildings with “Client Service Liaisons” to enhance tenant client communication and collaboration with our team.



By partnering with an array of savvy investors we have owned and managed a portfolio of over 7 million square feet of office, industrial, warehouse, and flex space. A few of those investment partners include AEW, Independencia, Jasper Ridge Partners, Westbrook, DRA, Alcion Ventures, and Starwood, who continually praise the high-level of reporting that comes from our property management and accounting groups.



Client satisfaction with an extremely high-level of client-centric service. Through our monthly asset review (which includes audits of client satisfaction) and our Principals’ involvement we remain readily accessible to each tenant and owner client.


Property Management

With nearly two decades and over 7 million square feet of commercial real estate management experience, we recognize the critical link between day-to-day property management and asset performance.

Our suite of services include:


Innovative Marketing

Focusing on the landlord-tenant relationship.

In simpler terms, we devote our energy to:
1) Better understanding the needs of our building’s prospective tenants
2) Meeting those needs in ways our competitors are not.
Our creative approach results in higher occupancy and tenant retention rates, and lower operating costs. We pride ourselves on our ability to better manage tenant expectations, efficiently communicate our own expectations to our tenants, and anticipate property management issues before they become problems.

By applying these same techniques to managing property, we help our building owner clients proactively maintain the physical integrity of their investment and efficiently manage property-level accounting and reporting functions.


Managerial Expertise

Through managing, renovating, and maintaining our own portfolio of buildings, PARADIGM has cultivated a management team with the experience and know-how to enable the company to grow into a full-service real estate management firm.

The asset and property management team we use to manage our own properties is the same that handles our third party managed properties.  We make no distinction between the quality of service we provide ourselves and that which we offer to our building owner clients.


  • TEAM APPROACH 60% 60%

Team Approach

Communication is the key to our efforts, allowing us to keep all team members well informed of property conditions and activity through weekly, monthly, and quarterly property reviews, updates, and meetings. This enables us to anticipate issues before they occur.
We believe in a proactive and expeditious approach to problem solving and meeting customer needs.


Facilities Management

We make it our responsibility to fully understand the physical asset we are managing and its operational eccentricities.  To do so, we rely on our own in-house engineers and our extensive network of local tradesmen and contractors.


Our facilities management services include:
• Daily maintenance and engineering
• Staffing
• Building repair & maintenance
• Project management

Project Management

Our property managers coordinate and oversee routine capital and suite improvement projects within their assigned portfolios.  Our goal is to ensure a smooth process that ends with the timely delivery of the space for occupancy.


Our team has experience in all phases of construction including:
• Plan development and pricing during leasing phase
• Managing competitive bid process
• Permitting
  • Accounting 100% 100%


The accounting team prides itself on the excellent working relationships it has developed with each of our clients, thus assuring accuracy and maximizing cash flow.  They are accustomed to working with a variety of institutional and entrepreneurial partner/owners and are able to customize monthly reporting packages.